We are Waypoint


Waypoint Studios is a leading publisher of Minecraft maps and skin packs onto the Minecraft Marketplace. We help small creators in the Minecraft community independently publish to the Minecraft Marketplace.

We work with a collection of the best creators in the Minecraft community to create and publish content to the Minecraft marketplace, helping small creators build a portfolio of successful Minecraft maps with the aim to one day become a direct Minecraft partner.

We set you on the right path by giving you direct access to our team of mapmakers, as well as being part of our accelerator program that helps you become your own independent Minecraft partner in no time!

How does it work?

1. Apply 📫

Applying to Waypoint is simple. Show us your best work and tell us about yourself (and your team!) and we will get back to you…

2. Create 🎨

Great! You have been accepted as a partner Now start creating your work of art, asking for help along the way should you want it…

3. Release 🎉

Let us guide you through the process of releasing, sit back, relax and celebrate as you watch your content release onto the Minecraft Market!

How can we help?

I want to play a game 🎮

Our catalogue of games provide hours of enjoyment for all the family. Play hundreds of the most popular, fun and creative Minecraft maps and adventures. If you are looking for something to play, check out our store!

I want to learn Minecraft 📗

Are you new to Minecraft? Maybe a Parent trying to play for the first time? Follow our helpful guides on starting Minecraft and go from beginner to pro without any effort required!

I want a new look 👚

Got a bit tired of your default Steve or Alex look? Want to freshen up your look and pick out a new style? We have a collection of skins perfect for every wardrobe and lots of add-on cosmetics to look even cooler!

I found a bug 🦟

Are you playing one of our maps and found something that doesn’t seem right? Contact our support team and tell us exactly what’s going on, we are here to help!