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A Waypoint partnership is a good first step to becoming an official Minecraft partner. With a track record of success and a collection of some of the best creators working for us, we offer industry insight and advice to help you succeed.

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Timid, quiet, and very gentle. A little bit of a daydreamer.

Snowball loves peaceful, slow-paced games!


Curious, extroverted, and lax. They’ll never leave you behind.

Jelly loves playing games with friends!


Optimistic, thoughtful, and honest. Seriously loves puns.

Yolky loves going on epic adventures!


Sly, crafty, and quick-thinking. They love logic puzzles.

Bluester loves to be thrown into a challenge!

About Us

Waypoint Studios is a leading publisher of Minecraft maps and skin packs on the Minecraft Marketplace. We help small creators in the Minecraft community publish to the Minecraft Marketplace, working with a collection of the best creators in the Minecraft community to create and publish content to the Minecraft marketplace.

Since starting, we have helped small creators build a portfolio of successful Minecraft worlds, adventures, and skin packs with the aim of helping them become their own Minecraft partner. We set creators on the right path by giving you direct access to our team of mapmakers, as well as being part of our industry-leading accelerator program that has helped some of the top creators in Minecraft become partners.